Mobile Me could soon be free.

I’ve griped, and griped, and griped about Mobile Me in the past. Frankly put, I don’t see the value in paying ninety-nine dollars year over year for a syncing device that can be replicated for free. It’s not to say that Mobile Me isn’t great, but I can already do most of what it does without dipping into the kitty.

Now, if Mobile Me was free, I’d obviously take advantage of it. The rumor du jour on the internet is that Apple could be making a move to compete with Google (go figure), by releasing Mobile Me for free. Electronista is saying, albeit tentatively, that Apple’s preparing the troops to take on Google Docs.  What do you think? Would you use Mobile Me if it was free?

With a brand spanking new data center in North Carolina, Apple’s been rumoured to be getting into the web app business. Some have suggested that the data centre will be used as the backbone of an online streaming iTunes, and now others are suggesting that it could be for Mobile Me as well.

We’d take either option, and hopefully both rumors are true.

Here’s some footage of Apple’s Data Centre

Article Via Electronista
Photo Credit: kevindooley

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