Mobile Me calendar out of beta

Just like every other web application on the internet developed in the last five years, Mobile Me, and in particular the Calendar, has spent an inordinate amount of time in beta. Launched in July, Calendar has finally shed the ominous beta label and has been released to the masses. It’s now available for everyone.

I personally don’t use Mobile Me, but as the package evolves, and the web apps continue to get better, I’ve been considering it more than I have in the past. Calendar is finally starting to compete with Google Calendar, and now includes the ability to create read-only calendars, share calendars with others, as we all send event invites directly from the web app. It also looks fantastic, but compared to Google’s option, these aren’t exactly great feats.

If you’re looking to buy Mobile Me you can get it from the Apple Store, but you can also get it cheaper on Amazon.

Article Via Arstechnica

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