MobileMe no longer on Amazon’s digital shelves

A couple of months ago we reported that MobileMe had gone missing from Apple’s shelves in their brick and mortar stores. Today, it’s being reported that MobileMe has also gone missing from Amazon’s shelves online. Of course, this kind of move means rumors are rampant. Could the new iCloud be on the verge of announcement?

WWDC is coming up quickly, and if anything, we could see a couple of small announcements roll out alongside the conference. Moving all Apple applications to the cloud, and thereby the App Store, is something that we could easily suggest at this point. The rumored iCloud is no different at this point. Purchases could be paid for in the Mac App Store. There’s no need for empty boxes to be available on store shelves.

The obvious downside to no MobileMe in Amazon’s web store is that those glorious discounts on MobileMe will cease to exist. At times you could get a package for up to 60 percent off. Now, you’re on the hook for the full amount. It’s not really a deal breaker since MobileMe is pretty hassle free when compared to other alternatives on the market.

Article Via Apple Bitch

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