MLB offers super cheap smartphone-only subscription plan

If you’re into watching sports, and baseball in particular, but you don’t want to spend ridiculous amounts of money for the luxury, you’re in luck. MLB has announced a special subscription price for mobile phone users.

Instead of charging mobile phone users between $89.99 – $109.99 every single year for the luxury of streaming road games, MLB will now charge $49.99 for out of market games on the iPhone, iPod touch, or Android phones.

That’s pretty amazing when you break down the numbers. Fans will be paying approximately $4.00 per month to watch their favorite baseball team while they’re on the road.

While we’re not a fan of “out-of-market” practices and local blackouts, we can certainly see the benefit of such an approach.

I’d love to see the NHL do something similar. It’s really difficult to see MLB putting the boots to all of the other major sporting leagues around the world with their adoption of mobile technologies. They really are leading the way for the others. Hopefully one day the NHL will get on board and release a series of applications similar in quality to the MLB applications.

Sports should be accessible to everyone, rich and poor alike. This is a great move by MLB — kudos to them.

Article Via CNET

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