Half a million apps now grace Apple’s App Store

While the current number of available apps is hovering somewhere around 400,000, Apple has surpassed an amazing milestone.

In less than 3 years, Apple’s App Store has broken the half million mark of approved apps. This impressive number was reached and surpassed this morning as the review team approved the 500,000th.

Three companies reported this statistic today alongside a very extensive infographic they collaborated on together. The graphic (partially reproduced and fully linked below) was the work of 148Apps, Chompe, and Chillingo, and includes tons of fun facts!

Back in January, Apple achieved another milestone when it boasted 10 billion downloads. This number dwarfs the App Store’s closest competitor, Google’s Android Marketplace, which clocks in at around 3 billion downloads.

With a slowing in momentum nowhere to be found, I’m sure these stats will continue to increase in both volume as well as velocity.

Article Via The Loop

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