Milktape: A Cassette Mixtape For The Modern, USB Age

Remember how long it would take to make a mixtape for your girlfriend? Hours sitting in front of a cassette player, recording CDs in real time, one long minute after another. While I don’t really care much for doing that ever again, I do get pretty nostalgic when I think about making mixtapes for friends. Milktape aims to bring the mixtape back to relevance again, but this time with a twist.

Instead of spending hours upon hours recording a mixtape, Milktape has built USB thumb drives directly into cassette tapes. The Milktape has 128 MB of storage, and forces you to limit your music selections. Instead of wasting hours compiling the perfect mixtape, you can now drag and drop onto the thumb drive, and hand the Milktape cassette off to a friend.

Pretty snazzy, huh? Now you can be both a hipster and a technophile at the exact same time.

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