Microsoft Trolls The Trolls In Its Latest Internet Explorer Ad

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE), hasn’t been the most accepted web browser over the past few years. Developers have had to make special style sheets for IE users, and up until now, IE hasn’t performed the best in speed tests compared to Google’s Chrome. IE trolls have popped up all over the net, targeting IE fanboys and even Internet Explorer’s own Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Microsoft has decided to stick up for themselves in its latest IE ad. The ad features a typical IE troll on Facebook and Twitter attempting to bombard an Internet Explorer page with “IE sucks” comments. Towards the end of the commercial, you see the troll tweet “IE sucks…less” after seeing that Internet Explorer features a new karaoke standard. Yup.

While I do find the ad pretty funny, I’m still trying to figure out why Microsoft published it. Most viewers won’t understand the humor. That said, it’s the “nerds” that drive the consumer electronics bus. Converting them back to IE likely means the masses will soon follow. Just a hunch.

Andrew is a geek, Apple enthusiast, blogger and coffee lover from Chicago.