Microsoft Releases Three New Surface 2 Vs iPad Ads

As the holidays approach, many companies have begun ramping up their advertising efforts to ensure that their product is chosen as this year’s go to gift.

Naturally, the struggling Surface 2 will be fighting an uphill battle against the iPad these holidays, so Microsoft has released three new videos that try to illustrate why the Surface is a better choice than Apple’s tablet.

While Microsoft has created several Surface ads like this in the past, most of them examined a handful of features in one video. In each of these three new ads, Microsoft focuses solely on comparing one feature between the two tablets.

The first video shows off the Surface’s kickstand and why the tablet’s a better device for cooking:

The second video shows off the Surface’s multiple account capabilities:

The third videos shows off the Surface’s standard USB 3.0 port:

I actually think this ad campaign could do pretty well for Microsoft these holidays. If I was an uneducated consumer that didn’t know anything about the iPad, I could definetly see myself swayed by Microsoft’s marketing.

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