Microsoft contemplating an appearance in the Mac App Store

First, I’d like to say that I personally live in a world where the “best” alternative makes an appearance in my workflow. I’m so far beyond the war that is “Apple Vs. Microsoft Vs. Google” that it surprises even me sometimes. I want the best tool for the job more than I want the best Apple product or Microsoft product. I’ve personally found that in my experience Apple products have a leg up lately. But, getting products in front of people who use OS X is a huge must for Microsoft.

It seems like Microsoft might be awakening from a decade long slumber.

Microsoft’s Amanda Lefbvre told AllThingsD that they’re looking into moving their products to the Mac App Store. They haven’t ruled it out, and they’re analzying their options. I’m skeptical that it will actually happen, but as an OS X user, I would certainly benefit from their products being on the Mac App Store. I’d be willing to bet a lot of small- to medium-sized businesses would benefit from the move as well.

People want what they know, and the numbers clearly indicate that they know Microsoft products. So what’s the best thing Microsoft can do? Get Office and their other offerings in front of the Apple audience. The first step towards accomplishing that would be getting Office:Mac 2011 onto the Mac App Store.

It might be a hard pill to swallow, and it’s going to suck handing over 30% of their sales to an age-old enemy, but consumers don’t care about that one iota. If they’re relying on the Mac App Store to find software, and Office isn’t available, they will buy something else.

Keeping my fingers crossed for this one.

Article Via AllThingsDigital

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