Make Your Dock Bluetooth Compatible With Pear

I love my iPhone dock. It’s perfect for when I don’t want to boot up my stereo or if I’m in another area of the house and want to listen to some tunes. Unfortunately for me, my dock is a bit older so it doesn’t support Bluetooth and my wallet doesn’t want to shell out another $200 for a decent dock. So what do I do? Get a Pear of course!

The Pear is a new product that is currently being funded on Kickstarter. The product does something really neat — it plugs into your iPhone dock, giving it full Bluetooth compatibility. So after you pair your iPhone or other mobile device to the Pear, you can use AirPlay to stream music and other audio from the Music app or other streaming applications to listen wirelessly.

Something really nice about using the Pear to wirelessly play music via your iPod dock is that you can pick up calls, text and do other functions on your iOS device while listening on the dock.

Overall, I think this product is pretty cool as it adds functionality to any iPod dock that supports the latest iOS devices. The design of the Pear is also nice as it’s understated and has an interesting glowing Pear. I will definitely be backing this Kickstarter campaign as this is something I’ve needed for a while.

The Pear has already reached its funding goal of $40,000. If you want to pre-order one, pledge $40 on their Kickstarter campaign.

Andrew is a geek, Apple enthusiast, blogger and coffee lover from Chicago.