Major Final Cut Pro X update released, Pro possibly now justified

When Apple announced Final Cut Pro X, the world was on edge. Users couldn’t wait to get their hands on it and all of the teaser trailers for it looked amazing. Sadly though, the actual release was seen as a disappointment and droves of users demanded refunds.

Apple has taken a step back in recent weeks, offering FCP7 back up for sale to appease the professional crowd that was so unhappy. There is no data on how many refunds were actually requested and supplied, but the press had a field day and I’m sure the number is astronomical.

Today may be the day that Apple begins to rebuild from the debacle as they release Final Cut Pro X 10.0.1, which in of itself is a bit redundant as the X stands for 10, no?  Anyway..

Apple claims to have taken the feedback they received seriously and have taken some of the “top feature requests” and made them the main priority and focus of this release.

One of the major enhancements brought forth is support for Xsan for projects and events. Users can now access the same media while creating separate projects on a SAN. This is something that is very important for multi-user production environments and should have been a no brainer to include originally.

Also new to this release, and likely sparked by the sheer number of refunds it had to distribute, is the demo version. With this version, anyone can download and try Final Cut Pro X immediately, without any financial risks.

Users are always torn on new software, and there really was a ton of things wrong with the initial release of Final Cut Pro X, (iMovie Pro). It is good to see that Apple has recognized the mistakes and is actively involving its user base to come up with solutions to these problems.

FCPX: Apple
Via: Loop Insight

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