Does Apple need a new remote for the Apple TV?

Graham Bower over at MacPredictions has put together an interesting concept for a new remote that could ship along side the much rumoured new Apple TV. He speculates that since the new Apple TV might be built off of iPhone OS, there could be functionality built-in to the device for a peripheral that could make use of an accelerometer and multi-touch—think of a remote mashup that includes a Magic Mouse and an iPhone.  The prospect is pretty exciting, and if Apple’s going to try and turn the Apple TV into a gaming machine, they’re going to need some type of controller that would interact with apps in the same way that an iPhone or Touch currently does.

Graham might just be onto something here.

Do you think this thing could take on Nintendo’s Wii platform?  Would you trade in your Wii for an Apple TV that would let you play your iPhone or iPad games?  I think I could.

Article Via MacPredictions

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