MacHeist offering up 7 Apps for $19.95

Everyone loves a good deal, and the MacHeist people have decided that it’s time for another nanoBundle. If you have a Mac, you’re probably well aware of what MacHeist does, so I’m not going to spend much time talking about that.

Instead, I’m going to give you a brief run-down of the applications that I think make this bundle worth it. Obviously milage may vary.



We write a lot here at Macgasm. Some of us write upwards of three or four articles a day, so managing our documents and articles is something that we are in desperate need of currently. Personally, I’ve found a great deal of success with Notational Velocity, but some people might want something a little more in depth, and full featured. The cool thing is that it has tight integration with WordPress, LiveJournal, MovableType, Blogger, and Typepad, so if you have a blog of any kind you’ll be able to publish directly to these mediums.

It even lets you stylize your posts so that they aren’t devoid of photos, and other media.



We covered RipIt a while back, and we were pretty hard on it. Thankfully they’ve continued to work on it and have added some features, so it’s become a lot more useful then I thought it was back then.

The application lets you rip your movies from DVDs so that you can store them digitally.



Clips is another clipboard manager. Theres a bunch of them out there, so you can probably find something that lets you organize your clipboard in a way that you like, but the giant savings makes this a steal of a deal. Sharing your clipboard across the network with other macs on your network is a huge must-have these days. If you need that function this app alone makes it worth the price of admission.



If you’re a music junkie, and you’re sick of all your album artwork being messed up, then you’ll love this program. Equinix has a great pedigree, and this application lives up to it.

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