Macbook Air SuperDrives being pulled from Apple Store shelves?

Earlier today we reported that MacBook Air supply seems to be thinning out at third party resellers. MacBook Air rumours are in full swing again. The device could certainly use a refresh.To add more fuel to the fire, TUAW noticed that Apple Stores are starting to pull SuperDrives from their shelves.  Steven Sande’s report is based on a tip from an Apple Store insider.

Up here in Canada, the drives are still on store shelves as of this morning, and they’re still available on the Apple Store website (both US and Canada). There’s been speculation that the drives might be getting replaced with Blu-Ray drives, but we have a very hard time believing that that might happen. Apple has hated on Blu-ray for a while now, and we don’t see them changing their minds any time soon.  When Jobs tosses out the phrase “Bag of Hurt” when describing Blu-ray, it’s not exactly difficult to gauge how he feels about the technology.

So what do you think? Is Apple prepping to release a new MacBook Air? Let’s have some fun with it. Reality aside, what would you love to see in the device?

Article via TUAW

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