MacBook Air gets EFI update as Thunderbolt Displays get ready for shipment

What’s a major product release without having to patch a few software bundles here and some firmware there? Apple has just rolled out a MacBook Air EFI Firmware update in preparation for all of those sexy Thunderbolt Displays hitting the market in the coming weeks.

The update, like all Apple updates before it, is pretty vague, but this one includes some fixes to enhance the ability of Lion Recovery from an Internet connection, as well as resolves some issues with the Thunderbolt Displays and Thunderbolt Target Disk Mode performance. So, yeah, hit up the Mac App… err, Software Update.

It’s probably the least Apple could do, right? I mean, shipping Lion sooner than it was ready is one thing, but shipping Thunderbolt Displays that are barely working on the MacBook Air is another thing entirely.

You know I’m right. Lion still needs a lot of work. Hopefully the 10.7.2 update that is almost ready for public consumption fixes most of our problems. We’re not alone either. Just search for #blamelion on Twitter. It’s kind of becoming a thing.

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