“Get A Mac” ads have been killed off by Apple

A couple of months back, we speculated that Apple would be killing off the “Get A Mac” ad campaign after reading an interview with Justin Long on the AV Club website. Long speculated that Apple would be wrapping up the campaign because they hadn’t heard from Apple regarding any upcoming recording sessions.

We love the ads, but pretty much agree with Apple’s decision to pull the plug on the series. They went from being witty to smug to overkill in the last couple of months. Don’t get me wrong, we love Justin Long and John Hodgeman as much as the next Mac fan, but even we were getting a little tired of them.

The original “Get A Mac” page now forwards to a brand new “Why You’ll Love A Mac” page. Looks like Apple’s gone from having to convince users to get a Mac to having to tell them why they should love their Macs, and that’s something we can get behind—you know, being a site called Macgasm and all.

Article Via The Register

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