Lucky bags, an Apple Store Japan tradition I wish would head west

In the west, New Year’s Day represents a tradition of hangover remedies and Tylenol as we reflect more on where we left our pants than what the last year meant for our lives. In Japan however, a tradition has emerged that has me pretty jealous: Lucky Bags.

Apple has been offering Lucky Bags since 2005, and basically it’s a mystery bag. These bags are bought sight unseen and the contents can really be anything, though the retail value typically far exceeds the dismal price, which this year rings in at 33,000 YEN (approx $428 USD).

In past years, items ranging from iPod touches down to special limited edition T-shirts have been found in these bags, though many people waiting overnight for a chance to snatch one hope to find big ticket items like iPads this year.

Rick Martin from Penn-Olson thought he’d try his luck in 2010, and showed up hours early at 5am for a chance to snatch one of the exclusive bags, only to find people had been waiting since the day before.

I like this concept, and though I’m not sure if it’d be as wildly accepted state side, I do think a blind program can be successful here. I feel cheated to not have a shot at something like this. #FirstWorldProblems.

Source : Apple
Via: Penn-OlsonĀ 

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