Apple finally sneaks 10.7.1 update into the Mac App Store, updater be damned

Last week, everyone was up in arms about a Software Update version of OS X 10.7.1 hitting without a complimentary Mac App Store version. Well, if you were among the unhappy you can rest easy now, as Apple has updated the installer package served in the App Store.

Weighing in at around 3.5 gigs, almost identical to the original GM release of Lion, the update puts an end to users having to use the built in updater to incremently update their OS versions.

Apple is also on the cusp of releasing 10.7.2, which was seeded to developers last week. An official release date has yet to be announced, but it will likely be available via the Mac App Store immediately.

Via: AppleBitch
Photo Credit: LoLCats


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