Leak: Windows 8 App Store looks a helluva lot like Apple’s App Store

The sincerest form of flattery is continuing over in Redmond these days. Copy, copy, copy is the order of the day. Leaked screenshots of the Windows App Store for Windows 8 have emerged, revealing a very strong similarity to Apple’s App Store. Go figure.

It has us wondering if this is the reason Microsoft has been fighting Apple so hard about trademarking the App Store moniker. The comparisons don’t end there though. It looks like Microsoft might be about to try and take a run at iTunes in its entirety — good times.

Does anyone else miss the days when Microsoft was innovating instead of playing follow the leader? A small part of me misses the Microsoft from the 90s. Shh, don’t tell anyone I said that.

Hat Tip to Kurt  for sending this in to us.

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