Layoffs Begin At RIM

Research in Motion (RIM), the company that makes the dying Blackberry platform and hardware, has been having a tough past few months. With their stocks recently tanking to the single digits and their mobile marketshare at only 6.4 percent, it doesn’t look like the future is very bright for RIM as of now. Yesterday certainly didn’t seem like a highlight: on June 19, RIM announced that they will begin layoffs, but will not be giving any specific numbers as to how many people are being let go. These layoffs aren’t new to RIM either. Last summer RIM laid off around 2,000 employees, which made their total workforce around 16,500 employees.

A RIM spokesperson stated that these layoffs are part of a cutback program and that RIM “may continue to do so as the company methodically works through a review of the business”. The spokesperson also told TheRecord in an email that  “our financial target is to drive at least $1 billion in savings by the end of fiscal 2013″. This would definitely make sense as RIM reported around $125 million in losses last quarter.

We wish the best of luck to RIM employees who were laid off yesterday. If you’re looking at this situation from outside of the company (like us), what do you think RIM should be doing to save the company?

Source: TheRecord
Image Credit: liewcf

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