Kobo to let authors publish books on their marketplace and let readers share books

Kobo, the Canadian eReader company, has announced through an interview with Good eReader that they’re planning on bringing not only book sharing functionality to their device, but also a way for authors to submit their own books to the Kobo ebook store.

The Canadian company already has three devices in their lineup, as well as apps on the App Store that let you not only read eBooks from major authors and publishers, but pretty soon you’ll also be able to upload a TXT, RTF, and DOC file to their service, and it will convert your work of art into an EPUB file. Good eReader suggests that Kobo could move to take a 15 – 30 percent cut of sales, but Kobo hasn’t announced any type of compensation for the service just yet.

Kobo is already leading the charge in the social reading arena. The company already gives you the ability to check-in with characters and places in your favorite books, as well as earn achievements and awards while you read. In addition to those fun features, you can also get some pretty cool reading statistics on your reading patterns, like the average time it takes you to read a book, how many pages you read per sitting, and how many pages you can read in an hour.

I have a special place in my heart for this Canadian company, being Canadian myself, so I get a little bit excited to see that they’re not only doing so well with their eReaders, but that they’re also innovating in the industry.

Kudos to Kobo.

Article Via Good eReader

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