‘Knock’ App Lets You Unlock Your Mac Simply By Knocking On Your iPhone

If you thought unlocking your iPhone 5S with Touch ID was fun, there’s now a whole new awesome way to unlock your Mac.

Knock is a new app for iOS and Mac that lets you to unlock your computer simply by, well, knocking on your phone. If you’re confused, just watch the trailer down below.

Knock uses Low Energy Bluetooth 4.0 to work its magic, so it shouldn’t act as too much of a battery drain. The coolest thing, however, is that the Knock app doesn’t even have to be open on your phone to work. Simply give your phone a couple knocks while it’s still in your pocket and just like that you’re signed into your Mac.


If you’ve bought your Mac in the past couple years the app should work fine, although you can find more information on supported devices as well as the app itself on Knock’s official website.

If you’ve got a strong hand, you may want to be gentle when you knock to unlock.

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