Kill Tech Tuesday: Zynga axes the not so popular Flock browser

Flock drop browser support Flock, the social browser based on Mozilla’s Firefox, has had its last security patch. As of April 26, the browser that has built in almost every major social network — including Twitter, Facebook and Digg — will no longer offer support to its users. Flock, founded in 2005, recommends that users make the switch to either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, as no further security updates will be provided.

The reason for this is that Flock was purchased by Zynga — the social gaming outfit most famous for its Farmville Facebook game — in January 2011. The purchase of Flock was a talent acquisition, and Zynga had no intention of continuing with the development of the browser from the very beginning.

I personally never used Flock, and didn’t have any great reason to ever try it out, although at this moment in time I would really like to have a play with it.

The Flock team will now be working directly for Zynga, creating more annoying games for the likes of me and you to play on Facebook when we should be doing work.

Did you use Flock? Which browser will you be switching to? Or will you just continue to use Flock at your own peril? Let us know in the comments.

Update: We got an email from Zynga, clarifying a few points. Zynga did not acquire Flock, but only some of its team. Therefore, Zynga has never actually owned Flock and is not responsible for Flock being shut down.

Article Via TechCrunch

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