Keep It Clean With The Swipe Case For iPhone

Tired of having a dirty, fingerprinted screen? Swipe has a solution for you. Swipe is a new iPhone case that features a built-in screen cleaner. The cleaning bar slides down from the top edge of the iPhone’s screen and uses a microfiber material to clean the screen. As far as design goes, the Swipe case is made from a very thin sheet of aluminium that doesn’t actually touch your iPhone. This is good as the case will not interfere with cellular reception. The Swipe case also has a built-in tripod mount that can be used for tripods, bike mounts and other accessories.

The only problem with stuffing a screen cleaning bar into an iPhone case is that it causes the case to be oddly shaped. Because of the extra bulk added by the cleaning bar, the case needs to extend farther on the top edge of the screen, making for a strange appearance. The designers also chose to throw the tripod mount on the top of the case so it mounts upside down. While this had to be done because of the bulkiness added from the cleaning bar, I just can’t help but think there’s a better way of going about the mount placement.

As of now, Swipe is only a Kickstarter project, which is hoping for $75,000 in funding. If you would like to preorder a Swipe for yourself, pledge at least $79. You can currently preorder the case for either the iPhone 4/4S or the upcoming ‘new iPhone’. When released, the Swipe case will come in five different colors and retail for $129.

Andrew is a geek, Apple enthusiast, blogger and coffee lover from Chicago.