JooJoo can run a full version of OS X, allegedly

Remember the JooJoo? Yeah, we barely do too, but perhaps you remember it by its original name, CrunchPad. This $499 device that’s apparently sold 90 units, pales in comparison to the iPad, at least in our opinion, but things could be looking up for the device in a hurry if the claims are true—the JooJoo has been hacked to run a full version of OS X.

The news, taken from the JooJoo forum, could be bunk, but we have no way to verify that this creation story is legitimate, outside of the three pictures they’ve posted. There’s also some cryptic install notes that read more like a For Dummies book than a hack manual, but who are we to judge this ten step process.

From the Forum,

  1. install osx from your current install to a spare usb drive.
  2. use monolingual and xslimmer and trim the shit out of the install
  3. use diskutil to shrink that partition to 3.7Gb or smaller if possible
  4. make a bootcd. (or get one)
  5. boot the bootcd
  6. swap bootcd and boot retail disk
  7. once in installer, use diskutility to format ssd to guid
  8. use the restore function to copy the usb shrunken install to native ssd
  9. reboot w/ boot disk but select native install
  10. install proper bootloader.

So what do you think, fact or fiction? If it’s true, would you rethink your iPad purchase and possibly pick up a JooJoo to run a full version of OS X? No? We wouldn’t either.

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