Jelly Bean Statue Overheats, Melts At Google HQ

We’ve all heard stories about the Galaxy S III blowing up and HTC One X getting as hot as 55 degrees C when pushed to the limit, but it seems like Google is taking their heat issues to a whole new level today. How? Well, you know those Android statues that Google keeps outside of their Android offices? One of those couldn’t stand the California sun much longer and melted.

Dan Morrill, a Google employee, sent out a Google+ update that the Jellybean figure was a little too hot and melted. This caused its head to fall off, requiring the statue to be coned off. To make matters worse, some clown decided to steal a jelly bean from the inside of the figure. Seriously, who steals a giant jelly bean? If you want to hear the story from Dan himself, check out his Google+ post.

Source: Dan Morrill (Google+) via The Verge
Image Credit: Dan Morrill (Google+)

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