New jailbreak app, iUsers, allows you to setup multiple user profiles on your ipad

My wife is anti-jailbreaking. She’s anti pretty much anything that might void a warranty. I, on the other hand, am the exact polar opposite. I say not less hacking, but more hacking! I think I may have just found a way to convince her to change her mind, and it is a tweak that allows me to not have to even realize she’s installed Sally’s Salon on our iPad.

iUsers allows you to setup multiple profiles on your iPad, and lets you switch between users from the lock screen.

Multiple logins, a feature that has long since evaded iOS devices, is a natural fit for iPad, which I’ve noticed more and more being shared among family members who all use the device a bit differently.

iUsers adds this ability to Apple’s famed tablet and each profile you add gets its own 4-digit passcode. Users are managed from a¬†convenient pane in iOS’ Settings app, which makes it extremely efficient to change passwords and add accounts to your heart’s content, or your device’s storage capacity.

Each user gets their own iPad experience, including their own home screen, all of their own settings for individual apps, and even their own selection of apps to be displayed.

To switch users, all you need to do is lock your iPad and click the “Switch User” icon which has been added next to the unlock “slider”.

As with a lot of Jailbreak Apps that dig so deep into the OS, it comes with a few quirks. The most annoying of which happens when you switch users. The iPad has to restart, I assume to reset system variables and swap out the user’s individual settings etc.

The quirks are a small price to pay to add this feature though, and I’ll be sure to let you know how the wife responds.

If you’d like to get your hands on iUsers all you have to do is add the iblogeek repository to Cydia: ( and search for iUsers

Source: TiPb

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