iTunes Match streaming gets its spot on a milk carton as it goes missing in iOS5 beta 7

Apple’s latest beta release of iOS5 (beta 7) was released Wednesday minus one highly anticipated and talked about feature: iTunes Match streaming. When Apple opened up the iTunes Match service for beta testers, beta 6 was still the latest and greatest, and unexpectedly allowed you to stream your matched music library from anywhere.

This little slip-up may even be the reason for the sudden closure of beta signups to the iTunes Match service after less than 24 hours of accepting them. To date, the signup process is still disabled.

With beta 7, the songs are downloaded and saved locally with the rest of your music collection. This is more in line with what was generally understood when the service was originally announced, but we can’t help but wonder if Apple has “One more thing..” up its sleeve.

Source: Insanely Great Mac
Via: Apple Insider

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