iTunes Match Finally Arrives In Denmark, Finland, Norway And Sweden

Even though iTunes Match has been available to North American customers for roughly two years now, not all countries have had access to Apple’s music matching service. Those living in Europe’s Nordic countries can now take a long cold breath as iTunes Match is now available in Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden.

A year’s subscription to the service in Denmark, Norway or Sweden will set customers back 249 kr, or €24.99 for Finnish users. A subscription to iTunes Match lets users upload their entire music library to iCloud (Up to 25,000 songs) as well as it goes and replaces old lower quality versions of songs with high quality iTunes versions.

Users in these countries will also now have access to iTunes in the Cloud, which lets users download their purchased or matched iTunes songs straight onto any device over the cloud.

The only remaining countries to have iTunes but not iTunes Match are Japan and Romania.

Apple also introduced a minor improvement within some slightly warmer European regions, as it has added movie support for iTunes in the Cloud in Bulgaria and Portugal.

If you’re debating on whether you should sign up or not, you can read more about iTunes Match here.

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