iTunes competitor 7digital hopefully coming to the App Store

Well, if Apple’s not open, and Android is open, a company like might find themselves on the outs with Apple, instead of being engaged in positive discussions to bring their iTunes-competing service to the App Store.

But that’s exactly what’s going on right as we speak. is trying to bring their music retail service to the App Store, and there’s no doubt that it would compete directly with Apple’s iTunes. And it gets worse: the app would have music playback functionality, which seemed like an obvious excuse to throw the proverbial “duplicates native functionality” clause at them and deny their app. It hasn’t happened yet, and it may not happen at all.  In addition to music playback functionality, 7digital also plans on brining streaming music to the device.

On the back of yesterday’s blasting during the financial results call, Jobs argued the benefits of open versus integrated. Approving’s application, which has already had over 500,000 installs between Android and BlackBerry OS users, would be another major step towards dispelling the “closed” label being bandied about these days. If I were Jobs, I’d approve the app just to spite Google, regardless of what they really thought about it.

Article Via AppAdvice

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