iPod – Shuffle: New product announcement

Today Apple released a brand new iPod Shuffle. Jobs started the iPod announcements with impressive figures, 275 million sold – and Jobs says this is due to the constant redesign and updates to the product. From what was an initially small device, it has gotten progressively smaller, and the latest one even had no buttons, the new one is a marriage between the second generation and the latest design.┬áCombining a small device with controls as well as voice, including it telling you when its running out of battery, the iPod Shuffle just got a little bit better: the battery will last 15 hours! This is great news for music fans.

Main features will be:

  • Tiny size
  • 15 hours of playtime
  • Genius mixes
  • Voice over
  • Only $49
  • Available in several colours

It’s a pretty sweet looking device and at that price we’re sure a lot of folks will be tempted to make a purchase! Do you have a shuffle? Are you tempted by this new device?

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