New iPod Nano Kicks Butt

The new iPod Nano has officially removed the click-wheel, which isn’t all the surprising considering the vast number of rumours that were circulating before the official event. It is now a completely touch-based device, and much like your iPhone, it uses the great multitouch user interface. It is a wonderful iteration to the most popular iPod line.

Here’s some stats about the new device:

  • 46% Smaller, 42% Lighter
  • A clip is built right in
  • Volume buttons
  • Voice over included
  • FM Radio Included
  • Nike+ Included
  • Pedometer
  • $149 for the 8GB Model, $179 for 16 GB

This really is a beautiful device that implements some of the best parts of iOS into a tiny little device. I can totally see my Grandmother rocking this simplified UI. If you have any opinions you’d like to share about the new Nano, please drop us a line in the comment section of this post.

Image Credit: GDGT

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