Turn Your iPhone Into A Television With Elgato’s EyeTV Mobile


Do you wish you could bring your TV with you wherever you go? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just slide your TV right in your pocket? Well, Elgato’s EyeTV Mobile product has you covered.

The EyeTV mobile is a tiny little dongle that plugs into your iPhone 4S, iPad 2, or the 3rd generation iPad via the dock connector, and it enables your iOS device to play back live television. Even better, it can be used with aerial antennas to make the reception even better. This tiny tuner allows you to catch your soaps even when you’re on the road. This will be available in September for roughly $143 USD.

If you prefer to get the same experience on your Android device, you can snag the EyeTV Micro in September for roughly $87 USD. It uses a Micro USB port, so it can even be used with Windows and OS X. Keep in mind, your Android device will need at least a Dual Core Processor, and it needs to be running Ice Cream Sandwich or better.

At the same time, Elgato also announced a new product called Game Capture HD. This allows you to capture HD video from your Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Once it’s captured, the video can be played back and shared from your PC or Mac. This snazzy device will be available for roughly $286 USD.

Want to know more? Engadget has the full press release here.

Source: Elgato PR

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