iPhone Owners Use Their Phone 55% More Often Than Android Owners

If you have an iPhone, odds are you’re on it for a significant amount more each day than your friend with an Android device. At least, according to a new report by Experian, which states that iPhone users are on their phones for an average of 26 minutes more each day than Android users.

Those with Android phones reportedly spend an average of 49 minutes each day glued to their devices. This is compared to the hour and 15 minutes spent daily by the average iPhone user. This shows that people with iPhones are on their device for 55% longer than Android users, and also reveals that 5% of an iPhone owner’s entire day is spent on his phone.

Not only are the two groups on their phones for different sets of time, but iPhone and Android users are also doing different stuff when they are on their phones. Android users spend the most time making actual phone calls and browsing the web, while iPhone users are prone to do more emailing, texting and social networking.

My guess for the reason behind these stats is that there is a more varied group of people on Android than there is on iOS. There are a large number of people that buy cheap Android phones who never really take advantage of any of its features. These people aren’t the biggest tech users and they’re simply looking for a device that can help them make phone calls and occasionally browse the web. Considering that all iPhone models are pretty much high-end devices, however, most people buying them are looking to take advantage of a wide variety of features, such as social networking and other apps. This causes them to use their phone more and do a wider variety of things on it.

If the rumored lower-cost iPhone does come out, I’d suspect that these numbers to get much closer together.

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