iPhone OS based AppleTV to sell for $99?

After Google announced that they were planning on partnering with some television manufacturers to bring Android enabled televisions to the masses, we speculated that the heat would be turned up on Apple Inc. We were under the assumption that they had some stuff in progress, based on previous Jobs comments, but we didn’t expect that we’d be getting news of AppleTV changes this soon.

According to Engadget, the AppleTV could soon start shipping for $99 and run iPhone OS. It’s being referred to internally as an iPhone without the screen, and it should be capable of a full 1080p resolution. But here’s the really exciting thing, you know that data centre that they have set up in North Carolina? It could be used to take the AppleTV to the cloud, making the AppleTV all about streaming. There was no mention about whether the device would be able to run apps from the AppStore, but it would seem like a logical inclusion at this point. Why wouldn’t Apple want to give consumers another medium to access the AppStore.

Would you be willing to pay $99 for a cloud based AppleTV solution?

Article Via Engadget

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