iPhone inches closer to MacBook styling with glowing Apple logo mod

My MacBook looks sexy from every angle. When opened, the front has a beautiful screen paired with aluminum styling that only Apple could produce. On the back, a glowing reminder of where this laptop came from.

My iPhone however, is not as attractive from the rear. Of course, it is brilliantly styled and the glass panel flows nicely over the black undercoating and aluminum trim, but there is no glowy glowy magic!

That is, until now.

A company out of the UK has just single-handedly bitch slapped the iPhone 4 designers with a replacement back glass that glows like the Apple logo is supposed to. No longer is your handheld status symbol represented with a 2D flat graphic. Instead, your awesomeness can project forth at the speed of light!

iPatch, who until now has made its money repairing iDevices, is getting ready to launch the product via a service to swap your boring stock glass with this upgrade. The price will ring in at around $159 USD and as of now doesn’t have a release date.

iPatch has put together an answer list to common questions undoubtedly flooding their inboxes, a few of which I’ll touch on.

There will apparently be no noticeable drop in battery life, and it does not put off any excess heat. The power appears to come from the LCD leads as the logo dims in correlation with the screen itself.  Since this mod is using stock iPhone 4 back plates, iPatch notes that they will be available in numerous backplate colors. The emitted light will also be configurable via GEL filters.

The mod looks pretty damn awesome if you ask me, and I would totally lay down the funds if iPhone 5 wasn’t a month away. Rumored styling aside, if this is doable on the next gen iPhone, I’ll be the first in line.

Source: iPatch
Via: Redmond Pie

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