iPhone Ends 2013 With 42% Marketshare, Up From 35% Last Year

Out of 100 smartphone users, 42 of those are going to be iPhone owners.

The NPD Group revealed some Q4 market figures today, giving us some insight as to how the smartphone market has shifted over the past year. The report reveals that only three smartphone OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) managed to improve their market share in 2013.

The iPhone saw the most growth in 2013, moving from a market share of 35% of all smartphone users in 2012 up to 42% of all users. Samsung phones also experienced noticeable growth, gaining an additional 4% of the market and jumping from 22% to 26%. LG also saw some minor growth.


NPD notes that 60% of all cell phone users are now on smartphones, up from 52% last year. This shows the smartphone market is clearly still growing very strong, so there will be ample opportunity for these companies to duke it out and change up some of these figures going forward.

Some have predicted that the iPhone will have captured over 65% of the entire smartphone market by 2017.

Image Credit: iDownloadBlog

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