iPhone, the coolest phone on earth, to become the coolest phone in space

Apple has pretty much dominated the smartphone market here on earth and have now set their sites on the stars. Well, not exactly, but never the less, next month, Atlantis will blast off for the last time from Cape Canaveral carrying two iPhone 4s.

The flight, set for July 8th, marks the end of NASA’s 30 year space shuttle program which has basically turned into a ferry service, carting supplies to the International Space Station.

The iPhones will be used to conduct experiments via an app called SpaceLab. Crew members will take turns playing Words With Friends — I mean “experimenting” with the iPhones during Atlantis’ twelve day docking at the International Space Station.

SpaceLab was originally developed for studying scientific payloads and experimentation in space, but its developers recently served it up for download offering a simulated experience to users whose feet are firmly planted here on earth. You can pick it up for $1 in the App Store.

Article Via Gizmodo

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