Make your iPhone Apple logo glow with this case hack

I’m not one for hardware hacking. The last time I opened up a piece of electronics was to install a mod-chip in the original Sony Playstation. It was worth it for all of two months, then my Playstation went belly up. But, a nifty case tweak for the iPhone has me re-evaluating my stance on hardware hacking.

A case mod from K.O. Gadget (currently down, but you can read about it on MIC) lets you turn the Apple logo on your iPhone into a shiny light for all to see. The five minute hack features a transparent Apple logo backplate to allow light to pass through, and a small light panel.

Obviously the tweak voids your warranty, but man, will it be worth it when you’re at your next Mac User Group meet up. The case and panel for the hack will cost you $42.90. We should also point out that the hack isn’t permanent, and that it’s fully reversible, should you decide to go back to the original case.

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