iPhone 5 case tells tale of larger screens and funky home buttons

Pictures of next generation iProduct accessories aren’t anything new, but a new set of images depicting iPhone 5 cases points to some major changes in design.

Mobilefun first leaked the rumored case renders which show a larger edge to edge screen as well as an oddly shaped home button cut-out. A close look also reveals some unusual button placement.

Mobilefun not only provided an array of CAD mockups, but were also able to provide shots of an actual prototype based on the original renders.

The CAD drawings show an iPhone wire frame laid inside the cases. This outline clearly shows the larger screen, among other changes.

The iPhone 5 case appears to be ready to rock a 4-inch screen, which will make it nearly edgeless.

The body of the iPhone 5 case also seems to be rounded suggesting a rounded back redesign, which to me feels like a step backwards, unless they can somehow come up with a way to do rounded glass. This direction seems highly unlikely due to added costs to the manufacturing process.

The button layout on the iphone 5 cases also seem to have been updated, with the volume buttons relocated halfway down the chasis.

I would love to see a non-tactile recessed touch capacitive button that is gesture enabled.  I can’t imagine any other reason to change the shape of the button after all of this time. That is, of course, unless there was a huge feature change coming!

It’s anyone’s guess as to whether these images are legit, or simply mockups based on rumors that are already swirling around. I’m sure we will know the truth in the coming weeks not months.

One thing we can bet on is that the iPhone 5 rumors are about to pick up heavily, and it’s important to keep in mind that they are mostly just that, rumors.

In the meantime, we threw together an exclusive render on what the above could mean for iPhone 5, minus the rounded back because personally, I just don’t buy it…

Source: TNW

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