More iPhone 5 case photos emerge, tell slightly different story than the old ones

Yesterday we reported on some leaked iPhone 5 case renders and a supposed photo of one of the cases. Today brings a new case, which has a few similarities and a few differences from the last leak.

The images released today are actually really clear, and you can get a better idea of what we might be seeing with the iPhone 5.

While the report yesterday had everyone scratching their heads, with relocated volume buttons and other mysteries, today we get a clearer understanding.

The new images show an iPhone 5 case that is quite a bit thinner then the iPhone 4 case displayed next to it. The case sports a rounded back as we reported earlier.

The volume buttons appear to be back in their usual place though the silent toggle has ventured to the other side of the phone.

This case does not have any front coverings so it’s impossible to update you on the continued possibility of a larger screen and gesture based home button.

The photos don’t contain any mockups inside of the iPhone 5 case, but the opening in the face appears to be a tad bit wider then the case for the iPhone 4.

This won’t be the last leaked case design we’ll see claiming to be an iPhone 5 case. As we get closer and closer to the immenent release date, we’re likely to see more and more cases, some that will resemble this layout and some that will stray off into oblivion.

As usual, we’ll likely won’t know exactly what the next iPhone 5 will look like until Steve Jobs stands out on that stage and shows it to us.

That is, unless Gizmodo has another $5,000 to spend on a prototype and anyone is dumb enough to leave one behind in a bar.

It’s hype like this that has us all craving each iPhone revision so badly, and it’s what will likely have most of us standing in line to buy one.

Article and Images Via: 9to5Mac

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