iPhone 4S dominates sales records at Sprint

The launch of the iPhone on yet another carrier wasn’t expected to be such a monumental occasion.  You’d think that those desperate enough to camp out or deal with the typical launch day stresses would have already switched carriers by now to one that carries the iPhone. Sprint has gone public exclaiming that iPhone launch day, at which both the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S were made available, had achieved the “best ever day of sales” by noon on October 14th.  So, within a few hours the iPhone sold more units than any other phone in Sprint’s history.

This is intense when you consider that the iPhone 4S was a greatly under appreciated announcement. Critiques aside, iPhone is still kicking ass and dominating the cell phone industry.

I’m curious to see where this leaves us with the possibility of an iPhone 5 launch next year. It seems that a drastic number of eligible users have upgraded and will likely not be eligible again for the next iteration. If used as a benchmark, sales could end up being disappointing without yet another carrier announcement.

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Source: Sprint News Room 
Via: TUAW 

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