iPen: A stylus that won’t feel like you’re using meaty fingers

Most styluses for the iPad act more like the tip of your finger than a writing instrument. Precision isn’t exactly the order of the day for most of the ones we’ve reviewed here at Macgasm. We’re still not sold that the iPad needs a stylus, but the iPen has caught our attention.

A Kickstarter project that’s still looking for funding, the iPen is attempting to bring precision-writing to your iOS device. The iPen uses an active digitizer and dock-connector receiver (uses ultrasonic and infrared signals) that calculates the distance of the pen by transmitting 60 location samples per second, to get the job done. The result is an extremely accurate stylus input device.

The iPen also has a proximity sensor and palm rejection algorithm to assist you in creating precise doodles.

We get that a stylus isn’t for everyone, and the majority of people don’t need anything other than a finger to operate their iOS devices. But, there are a subset of the population that prefers to use a stylus, and the iPen looks like it could be a solution, so long as the thing actually works like it does in the video we’ve attached.

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