iPad Mini To Be A Great Tool For Doctors

While the original iPad has already found itself in various hospitals around the world to help doctors look at and display information, it seems like the new iPad mini may be an even better solution.

Epocrates, a company that develops products for medical professionals, polled 48 physicians on whether they planned to purchase an iPad mini. One in three said yes and stated that it was due to the mini’s convenient size.

The main selling point and the reason that doctors are so excited over the new iPad mini is that it is the perfect size for a lab coat pocket. Ninety percent of the physicians Epocrates talked to said that the mini would make it easier to transport the tablet from room to room.

A survey done earlier this year showed that more than 25 percent of European physicians use an iPad while at work, with another 40 percent are planning to buy one within six months.

There’s a very good chance that we’ll see the iPad mini increase these numbers and potentially even beat the original iPad’s popularity within the medical world.

Image Credit: Apple Effect

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