iPad 2 Smart Cover colors revised

Apple likes to play to my ADD sometimes, and wave shiny new color items around to distract me from silent changes. Along with the new specs rolled out this morning for the line of MacBook Pros, Apple also updated the iPad 2 Smart Cover. One of the most shocking changes is the matching interiors.

The original Smart Covers featured a gray interior on every Smart Cover available. The new version, however, mirrors the external color on the interior, making the color visible even when using the Smart Cover as a typing stand or folded behind your iPad.

The polyurethane colors have been made more vibrant this time around too. The color line up of blue, green, pink, and light grey is said to be noticeably brighter, with the orange cover getting the axe, replaced with a new dark grey version.

The leather colors have mostly been left unchanged with the only exception being navy blue. This cover is said to have been tweaked to fall more in line with traditional navy blue, which I suppose had received some criticism.

The prices of Apple’s Smart Covers has remained unchanged at $39 and $69, respectively, for the polyurethane and leather covers and are available online immediately from the Apple Store.

Smart Cover: Apple Store

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