iOS5 beta 6 available for OTA and Direct Download

Apple has seeded iOS5 beta 6 to developers, less than 2 weeks after beta 5 hit the streets. This release gap closing obviously means we are getting close, and typically means we are done seeing new shiny features until the GM release.

If you are a registered iOS developer, you can get iOS5 beta 6 legally in the dev center, or OTA directly to your device if you are running beta 4 or above.

Having been running beta 6 for the day, the only difference I’ve noticed thus far is that PhotoStream still sucks. Everything else seems pretty much on par with beta 5 on the surface, with most changes and fixes likely happening behind the scenes.

Apple is urging all registered developers to update as soon as possible not only to help with bug reports, but as you may know, beta versions don’t last forever, and those that choose to hold out could end up having to fully restore when Apple bricks their expired beta copy.

Source: Redmond Pie

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