iOS 7 Brings Significant Changes To Camera And Photos

While Apple’s Camera and Photos apps have been treated to iOS 7’s design overhaul, they’ve also been updated to include a number of new features.

The Camera app now comes with multiple modes that users can swipe between while taking a picture. There’s the traditional shot, a cropped square-like Instagram shot, a panoramic shot, as well as a shot that lets users select from a number of different filters before actually taking the picture.


The photos app has also been drastically changed to help users navigate through their photo libraries. The app now includes “moments” which is an automatic way that photos are now sorted based on things like when and where they were taken. You can also now quickly scroll through thumbnails of pictures while hovering over specific ones to see enlarged versions. Thumbnails of pictures are now shrunk down to a much smaller and more condensed collage style view so that you can spend less time scrolling looking for a specific one.


Also included in the Photos update are shared photo streams. You can now create photo streams that can be shared with friends, family or whoever you want. You can take a picture, edit it, apply a filter, add a caption and then post it in a shared stream to share with your friends.

If you have a developer account, you can try out iOS 7 and the new camera/photo features starting today.


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