iOS 6.1 Beta 3 Brings Bluetooth Keyboard Support For Apple TV

The latest iOS 6.1 beta has brought Bluetooth keyboard support to the second and third generation Apple TV. If you’re running the beta release, you can pair your keyboard to your Apple TV by using the new Bluetooth menu that is located in the Settings application. Once paired, you can use the paired keyboard to control the device as well as input text.

Apple TV users can control the Apple TV via the arrow and escape keys on the paired Bluetooth keyboard. The arrow keys allow for scrolling and the escape key moves users between menu levels. This allows users to control their Apple TV independently of an Apple Remote, allowing for easier typing when searching or connecting to protected Wi-Fi networks.

Now that Bluetooth functionality is unlocked on the Apple TV, we may see third-party developers make Bluetooth remotes for the Apple TV. As of now, anything other than a Bluetooth keyboard will not be able to pair with the Apple TV. That could change in the future, but since the support is only in the beta software there’s also a chance Bluetooth keyboard support could also disappear by the time the software goes live in the coming weeks.

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