iOS 5 is near completion


Since the first beta release of iOS 5 back a few months ago, Apple has been vigorously releasing updates to the beta. In the past, Apple has been known to release a few updates, but this time developers are currently running the seventh beta of the software — and it’s almost complete.

Apparently the carriers of the iPhone, namely AT&T and Verizon, currently have access to an even newer version of iOS 5. This version has yet to be released to all developers and could well be the final version of iOS 5. Amongst the final bug fixes and the like, there are two big new features seen in this build that are not present in the others.

The first is FaceTime calling over 3G. FaceTime has always allowed iPhone (or iPod touch, iPad, and Mac) users to video chat with one another while connected to a Wi-Fi network. In the latest unreleased build, FaceTime is also available over 3G, a heavily requested feature. While there are still no promises that this will actually make it into the official final release of iOS 5, or how fast it would eat through a data cap, this news is sure to bring hope to those that want it.

The second interesting feature is Nuance Dictation speech-to-text. This is a feature well known amongst Android users, and would allow you to simply tap a little microphone key on the keyboard and begin talking into your phone. The phone would then convert your speech into text. Many people on Android seem to love this feature, and it is rather obvious how it would truly be able to speed up any typing you may have to do throughout the day. And it would be especially handy while driving. Again, it being in this unreleased build does not make it official, but it does make it one step closer and a whole lot more likely.

Time will tell.

Source: 9to5Mac
Via: RedmondPie

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