Intel Says YOLO And Brings The Yolo To Africa

Intel has announced that they will be bringing their first Intel-powered smartphone to the African market with the help of the Kenyan carrier Safaricom. The Android 4.0 phone, titled the Yolo (Yes, the Yolo), will sport a 3.5-inch display, retail for Kshs 10,999 ($126) and come bundled with 500mb of data. The phone will also include a new 1.2 GHz Lexington processor called the Z2420 Atom processor, a chip that was just demoed at Intel’s CES showing.

The Yolo is being marketed towards first-time, budget conscious buyers that are still interested in a fairly capable smartphone. This means some sacrifices in design will have to be made such as the 320×240 display that the phone is expected to have. Some have also criticized the new Lexington processors as being overly sluggish, although they’ve also complimented the chips on their battery life.

There’s no word yet on whether the Yolo will ever make its way to other continents; however, Intel has stated that a number of other Lexington based phones are in the works.

But really who cares if the phone’s specs aren’t top of the line? You know, you only live once.

Image Credit: Engadget

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